Supasawa Cocktail Mixer

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Supasawa Cocktail Mixer

70cl | 0% ABV | Belgium

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A sour cocktail ingredient - Sūpāsawā aims to put creativity back into mixology and empower home mixologists with a reliable, stable and sustainable premium sour mix with a long shelf life.

As an long shelf life alternative to lemon & lime, Supasawa is indeed "seriously sour" with a pH of 1.95. It's not quite the same as a fresh peel, nothing is, but wow it's a handy tool.

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About this product

Supasawa's ingredients include a careful mix of citric acid, malic acid, phosphoric acid, tartazoate acid, succinic acid, sodium benzoete, distilled water, sugar and salt.

Founded in 2014 and now owned by Guillaume Lambrecht who was driven by a strong spirit of innovation and a deep, enduring passion for experimentation - Supasawa is made by the Belgian based Deluxe Distillery.

A cocktail ingredient without borders, Supasawa's home is very much in the cabinet and on back bars. It's less of a product that's about place, instead focussing on the balance of a drink.

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