Tapatio Blanco Tequila

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Tapatio Blanco Tequila

50cl | 40% ABV | Mexico

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Tapatio Blanco is a 100% pure, fresh, in-your-face agave character kind of Tequila. At an accessible price point too, it's the perfect way to discover what 'Blanco' as a style is all about.

Tapatio is made from 100% blue agave grown on the highland estate, baked in traditional stone ovens, then milled. The juice and agave fibres are combined before fermentation in open wooden vats. It is double distilled in copper pot stills to proof.

Key Flavours

Crisp & Clean
"Tapatio’s soft, round, fruity and sweet flavour profile is considered characteristic of the Highlands of Jalisco, the region from which all of the agaves for production are sourced. Enjoy this tequila neat or as the base in a Margarita. "

About this product

With its refreshing notes of green apple and citrus and a pronounced and enduring peppery spice, Tapatio Blanco is ideal in a classic Margarita.

The flagship brand of the famous Camarena family, Tapatio has been in production since 1937.

Tapatio is produced at La Alteña distillery in Jalisco, where the Camarena family have been making Tequila for generations. The name ‘Tapatio’ is also a nod to their provenance - it's a Mexican word referring to a man from Guadalajara.

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