Tappers Wintergreen Gin

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Tappers Wintergreen Gin

50cl | 39.8% ABV | England

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Only available seasonally, Wintergreen is Tappers' limited edition gin, inspired by the British wintertime with an aromatic arrangement of seasonal botanicals. The name comes from the group of aromatic plants which remain “ever green”.

Pine needles and juniper berries abound to release the whole forest out of the glass. Birch bark and meadowsweet add crisp bright notes with cassia leaving a warm botanical nip on the finish. Pair with aromatic tonic.

Key Flavours

"The best gin in the Tappers range in my opinion. Pine needles and juniper berries are a match made in heaven, further lifed by meadowsweet. A spectacular release of forest-like flavours are captured in each drop."

About this product

Wintergreen is made using traditional cold-compounding methods where botanicals are steeped in spirit, but not distilled. The method lends Wintergreen a beautiful amber hue and full-bodied mouthfeel.

A small team lead by Steve Tapril and his mother Sue - they independently produce their gins from start to finish where each bottle is individually filled, labelled, wax sealed and numbered by hand.

Tappers is located near the seaside on the Wirral Peninsula, in-between the historic cities of Chester and Liverpool. The botanical recipes they develop each have a story, inspired by their British heritage and the natural world.

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