Teeling Single Grain Whiskey

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Teeling Single Grain Whiskey

70cl | 46% ABV | Ireland

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Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey gains plenty of character from Californian red wine casks which delightfully impart spice & fruit notes on the nose that mingle with an underlying sweet, sugary note. To taste it’s silky smooth with a hint of spice.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable grain whiskey, Teeling Single Grain is sweet and fairly light but full of flavour. Toffee, warming spice (cinnamon and nutmeg in particular) come out more with a splash of water.

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit

About this product

Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey is made with a mash bill consisting of 95% corn and 5% malted barley that has been triple distilled and matured exclusively in French oak Ex-Cabernet Sauvignon red wine casks from California.

Whiskey making has been in the Teeling genes as far back as 1782, when Walter Teeling set up a small craft distillery. The latest generation of Teeling Whiskey makers, Jack and Stephen Teeling, have led the new chapter since 2012.

Teeling’s distillery (built in 2015) is located in the heart Dublin and is situated just a stone’s throw from the brands ancestral distillery (built in 1782), right in the heart of the Golden Triangle, the historic distilling district of the city.

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