The Bitter Truth Crème de Violette Liqueur

The Bitter Truth Crème de Violette Liqueur

50cl | 22% ABV | Germany

The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur humbly honours its name. Its deep purple haze pre-empts the unique flavour of this fragile flower. A useful bottle to have in the cocktail cabinet!

Light perfumed nose, floral and sweet to taste, with a finish reminiscent of icing sugar. Perfectly balanced to elevate your Aviation to the heavens.

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About this product

The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur is made from wild violet blossoms that grow in the Alps. They are added to the neutral spirit and once infused, are filtered before the liquid is sweetened and bottled.

The Bitter Truth was founded by Munich bartenders Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck who wanted to produce cocktail bitters as they were hard to find in Germany or elsewhere if at all.

Bitter Truth is made under contract at Destillerie-Purkhart in Austria, whilst the brand team is based in Germany.

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