The London No.1 Gin

The London No.1 Gin

70cl | 47% ABV | England

The London No.1 Gin uses traditional botanicals including juniper, coriander, angelica and cinnamon, alongside floral gardenia and the perfumed citrus oils of bergamot to add aromas reminiscent of Earl Grey tea.

To taste, the bergamot oil lifts the nose before a classically styled gin emerges. The 47% ABV is a huge plus here, allowing it shine through in cocktails like the Negroni. If in a G&T, we recommend adding an orange peel.

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About this product

12 botanicals are steeped and distilled in a 500L still to a multishot, London Dry method. After distillation, a turquoise-blue colour derived from gardenia flowers is added.

London No.1 Gin is owned by González Byass, one of Spain's most well-known sherry bodegas, founded in 1835 by Manuel María González Angel. González was subsequently joined by his English agent, Robert Blake Byass.

Thames Distillers, based in South London, is a contract distillery responsible for creating so many of today’s gins. Distiller Charles Maxwell is a dab hand, able to perfect a gin in a couple of tries. If he’s made it, it tends to be very good.

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