The Teasmith Gin

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The Teasmith Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | Scotland

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A careful blend of finely curated botanicals and hand-picked tea gives 'The Teasmith' its characteristic taste, but it's a hand-rolled Ceylon tea from the Amba Estate that's the star of the show here.

Light on the palate with a distinct, crisp freshness, The Teasmith combines classic gin with a contemporary edge. Best served in a G&T with a sprig of mint, but try it in a Martini to let the tea notes unfurl in your glass.

Key Flavours

"Not as tannic as you might think given the name of the gin. The tea leaves are very particular and the flavour they've given here is more herbal and savoury, centred around the juniper than it is drying on the finish."

About this product

Ceylon tea along with juniper, coriander, grains of paradise, orange peel and other carefully selected botanicals are distilled in copper pot stills to a one shot London Dry method.

The Teasmith Spirit Company was established in 2016 by husband and wife Nick and Emma Smalley who felt compelled to add their own mark on the sector. They work with Strathearn Distillery who distil their gin.

The gin took its inspiration from Aberdeenshire's surprising links with the beginnings of the 19th century tea trade in Sri Lanka. In 1867, a gentleman called James Taylor from Auchenblae planted the very first tea plantation there!

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