The Tottori Blended Japanese Whisky Bourbon Barrel

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The Tottori Blended Japanese Whisky Bourbon Barrel

70cl | 43% ABV | Japan

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A great whisky to have come cocktail time. Not just for the classics either - Tottori's Blended Bourbon Barrel makes for a truly delicious highball.

Subtle smoke on the nose, with underling sweetness. The taste is filled with sweet caramel and plenty of vanilla. There's lots of malt bringing continued smoky warmth and caramelised fruit too - great for Old Fashioned's.

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit

About this product

Various whiskies are sourced from distilleries around Scotland before making their journey to Japan, where they are blended with Japanese-distilled malted barley and further aged. This expression is aged in bourbon barrels.

Matsui Shuzo company owns and make The Tottori whiskies, using the experience and time honoured techniques (and whisky) honed at their Kurayoshi Distillery to perfect this blend.

Founded in 1910, Matsui Shuzo is located in the Tottori Prefecture, Northwest of Kyoto and Northeast of Hiroshima, on the shore of the Sea of Japan. The whisky is then proofed down with the famously soft ground waters of Tottori Prefecture.

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