Theodore Pictish Gin

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Theodore Pictish Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | England

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Theodore Pictish Gin is an elegantly aromatic Scottish gin, inspired by the lost civilisation of the Picts. It is intended as an homage to the war-like tribe that once made its home amidst the ancient rocks and valleys around their highland home.

Compelling, perfumed citrus, woody base note and a world of herbs, juniper and delicate spice in between - this is a hugely complex, delicious gin. Serve it up with a grapefruit tonic (or soda) and a sprig of Rosemary for the perfect serve.

Key Flavours

"Floral, citrussy, herbaceous then into woody notes before an enduring spice - it's rare to see a gin so complete in its ability to present each and every flavour category. The balance and intensity is such that each has its moment to shine."

About this product

Sixteen botanicals including pine, damask rose, pomelo and bourbon vetiver are distilled in a multi-stage process using traditional stills alongside modern rotovaps. After distillation they further infuse Theodore Gin with Oolong tea.

Theodore Gin is made by Greenwood Distillers, founded in 2018 by Barthelemy Brosseau. The gin itself is inspired by the spirit of the Picts, an ancient tribe that once settled near their home in the Northern Highlands.

While Greenwood Distillers is a young company, they believe in bringing back the splendour of the past. Located in the Averon Valley, 30 miles north of Inverness, their distillery housed in a restored and converted 19th-century farmhouse .

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