Thomas Dakin Gin

Thomas Dakin Gin

70cl | 42% ABV | England

Savoury by nature with cubeb and horseradish in the botanical bill, Thomas Dakin Gin is named after and inspired by the distilling pioneer Thomas Dakin, who started distilling in Warrington in 1761.

Juniper merges with horseradish in an unusual heady mix. Sweet orange and a sharper grapefruit join soon after, along with classic gin flavours. There’s a distinct savoury finish along with a warming spice. Pair with an orange peel in a G&T.

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About this product

Thomas Dakin is made with eleven botanicals including juniper, orange peel, coriander seed, angelica, cubeb pepper, liquorice and horseradish. They are distilled to a multi-shot London Dry method.

Greenall’s distiller Joanne Moore is a whizz, having designed dozens and dozens of the most popular gins in this country. Bloom is part of her mission to capture and isolate the five core flavours within gin: citrus, spice, herbal, floral and fruity.

G&J Distillery, based in Warrington, dates way back to 1761. It’s a true powerhouse, currently producing 7mn cases of spirits annually. It’s responsible for creating so many brands that there’s a very good chance you’ve already tried their wares.

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