Willem Barentsz Premium Gin

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Willem Barentsz Premium Gin

70cl | 43% ABV | England

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Named after Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz, this is a gin made with juniper, jasmine, coriander seed, angelica, orange, almond, liquorice, cassia and orris root.

An aromatic bouquet of jasmine flowers and produces a delicate and fresh flavour. Pair with a grapefruit peel in a G&T, but this is at its best in a White Lady, where the jasmine top note shines.

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About this product

Distilled in London to a multi-shot London Dry method, nine botanicals are added to a dual grain (wheat and rye) base spirit.

Barentsz Gin was founded by entrepreneur Michael Claessens in 2016. Inspired by his own Dutch heritage, London-based Claessens embarked on a journey to develop an outstanding Gin with an uncompromising passion for quality and innovation.

Thames Distillers, based in South London, is a contract distillery responsible for creating so many of today’s gins. Distiller Charles Maxwell is a dab hand, able to perfect a gin in a couple of tries. If he’s made it, it tends to be very good.

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