Zignum Mezcal Joven

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Zignum Mezcal Joven

70cl | 40% ABV | Mexico

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Zignum is a clean, crisp mezcal that focusses on the vegetal notes in espadin, rather than the smokier nature that the category is known for.

Zignum Joven has a full-bodied agave richness, with some citrus blossom layered in. The absence of smoke (for a Mezcal) makes this a good gateway for those just starting to explore the category.

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Rather unusually, agave is steamed rather than smoked or roasted. It's then fermented and distilled in state of the art equipment.

Zignum was founded in 2007 by Casa Armando Guillero Prieto, who are one of the largest Mezcal distilleries in the world with state-of-the-art technology geared towards sustainable production.

Casa Armando Guillermo Prieto is the largest distillery in Oaxaca. Their objective is to create agave distillates using the most advanced industrial technology possible in order to reduce the environmental impact they have operating at that scale.

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