Hacien Pineapple Tequila Blanco

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Hacien Pineapple Tequila Blanco

70cl | 38% ABV | Mexico

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Fruity and fun - Hacien have taken their delicious Tequila Blanco and infused with sweet, aromatic pineapple to create an easy-drinking, smooth and naturally flavoured Tequila.

Fruit-forward pineapple notes bound out of the glass. It zings to taste too, but the soft agave follows through and this expression layers in a lively tropical twist that makes for fun Tequila cocktails.

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Piñas are cooked in a brick oven, milled and fermented (without fibres) in open air tanks. The wash is then double distilled on stainless steel pots. Once made it's infused with pineapple.

HACIEN Tequila was founded by Seb Francis and Jordan Myers who set out to continue Tequila's journey away from shot culture by producing an easy sipping spirit worth taking time to savour.

Piñas from both the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco are used in the process, while the name Hacien is a nod to both the plantations that first made Tequila as well as the iconic Manchester nightclub.

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