Meet the Spirits Kiosk Team

Emile Ward
Head Buyer and Chief Taster

Emile built Spirits Kiosk’s previous incarnation, Gin Kiosk, from scratch and developed it into the UK’s largest single category spirits retailer. Emile also runs the international gin festival, Junipalooza, held in London and Melbourne each year and has spent the past six years collaborating with distilleries and innovating unique products.

Emile’s discerning eye for detail and quality is balanced by having an inclusive approach and a broad understanding of what drinkers want. He’s the one responsible for what we stock and the direction we take to best support the amazing distilleries we work with. He’s got a natural soft spot for Tequila, his passion spirit but you’ll frequently find him sipping on a Negroni or two...

Emile won the Icons of Gin Buyer of the Year award in 2021.

Please contact him for all new product enquiries.

Olivier Ward
Gin Curator

Olivier is a total gin nerd. He is possibly one of only a handful of people in the entire world who have explored the spirit to such an exhaustive extent. Having spent over a decade at the forefront of the craft gin boom, he is widely recognised as a gin expert and a true ambassador for the category.

Olivier is the editor of Gin Foundry and has taught dozens of producers how to build their distilleries, helping fine tune recipes that have gone on to win top international honours. His Botanical Tasting Wheels and Gin Annuals pioneered new forms of education and story-telling within gin. Olivier won the prestigious IWSC’s Communicator of the Year and is Channel 4’s resident Gin Expert on Sunday Brunch, having also regularly presented sections on gin cocktails for ITV This Morning, the BBC and commercial radio stations.

Olivier has added a quote to almost all of our gins to help you better understand what each is about. Given he’s known as a harsh critic having tasted thousands of samples (not a figure of speech), if you see his approval about its flavour - you know it’s going to be worth a closer look!

Anna, Heidi, Trisha and the team
Customer Service Team and Problem Solvers

Need recommendations or have an issue? We’ve got the best team to help.

The super trio are constantly monitoring orders to make sure that none go awry. They’ve put together a hive of interconnected networks and intricate systems to keep it all flowing seamlessly, but if the unexpected arises – they are on hand to help track it down, fix it and make sure that you get your parcels delivered. They are also brimming with recommendations based on either flavour, price or personality. If you are ever in doubt about something or want to enquire about an existing order, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Team drinks vary week to week, but tall and refreshing is always the most popular...

Please contact them for any order queries.

Richard Weaver
Director of Digital and Code Guru

As the Director of Digital at Enotria&Coe, Richard is the architect behind the company’s sites, including Spirits Kiosk and The Great Wine Co.

Behind the scenes, Richard is the person fixing, tweaking, testing and turning ideas into reality by making them appear on screen. Having pushed more pixels around, linked more data and created more system solutions than anyone could ever imagine even existed – Spirits Kiosk runs the way it does because of him. After 20 years in the wine trade, including a spell as Majestic Wine's Buying Director, Richard tends to be found drinking wine, but Rum is winning him over to the dark side...

Alfonso Castañeda
Ecommerce Manager

Hailing as he does from Mexico City, Alfonso is naturally predisposed towards Tequila, Mezcal and all things Agave-based. When he's not correcting us on whether it's Tequila Añejo or Añejo Tequila, Alfonso is the fast-fingered whizz kid that manages the website and keeps us all on the straight-and-narrow(-ish).

He gets particularly excited about laying out emails, a task that makes even hardened techies weep at the thought, and if all of this wasn’t enough, he’ll also be the mastermind behind the systems we use for when Kiosk heads to events like Juniplalooza, that way all your orders are ready to collect in double time!