Manly Spirits Co. Black Fin Coffee Liqueur

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Manly Spirits Co. Black Fin Coffee Liqueur

70cl | 25% ABV | Australia

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Inspired by early morning surfs on Australia’s Northern beaches followed by a good espresso, Manly Spirits Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is delicious sip on and a sure fire way of taking your Espresso Martini to the next level.

Rich, roasted coffee with an enveloping texture. The slight saline touch accentuates the fresh cold brew and while we're not quite sure if it's been added, earthy wattle seed can also be detected on the finish. Superb!

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About this product

Green Arabica beans are roasted at Seven Miles’ Manly Vale roastery, then freshly delivered to the Brookvale distillery where they are ground and cold brewed for 18 hours. There's also a touch of sea salt in there.

Manly Spirits was co-founded by David Whittaker and Vanessa Wilton, who began their venture into distilling during a boozy weekend in Tasmania. The duo had spotted a distillery for sale, and while it wasn’t quite in their budget, a seed was planted.

Based a stone’s throw away from Manly Beach, one of the most renowned beaches for surfing Australia, the Manly Spirits Co. has spent the last couple of years perfecting its spirits range - bringing all that local character into everything they do.

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