Aperitivo Select

Aperitivo Select

70cl | 17.5% ABV | Italy

The original Venetian Aperitivo, first created in 1920 and one of the most popular bottles in Northern Italy come Aperitivo hour. Fantastic when served in a Spritz.

Bitter orange and a perfumed floral blossom are clear on the nose, while to taste it's more ‘rooty’, with red fruits like raspberry, rhubarb balanced by resinous juniper. The bittersweet finish makes it the ideal aperitif.

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About this product

Made in a traditional way, similar to Aperol or Campari. Thirty botanicals are macerated, distilled and blended in a secret recipe that's been unchanged since 1920, before water and sweetener is added.

It was right in the heart of Venice, in the city’s Castello district, that Select was created in 1920 by the brothers Mario and Vittorio Pilla of Fratelli Pilla & C. Distillery. Today it is part of the Montenegro Group.

Even though it is no longer made there, Aperitivo Select is synonymous with Venice, as well as the Italian serve that's taken over the world - the Spritz.

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