Archipelago Lava Rock Vodka

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Archipelago Lava Rock Vodka

70cl | 45% ABV | Philippines

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A smooth, crisp vodka made to celebrate the rich terroir of the Philippines - Archipelago Lava Rock Vodka is copper distilled in small batches and then filtered over lava rocks from the volcanoes of Taal and Mayon.

Crisp and slightly sweet nose with corn and subtle wheat. To taste, it's fresh with hints of sweet stone fruit and ginger. The finish is soft with the vanilla and grain emerging once more. Great to mix with!

Key Flavours

Crisp & Clean

About this product

Lava Rock Vodka is made from whole kernel winter wheat and copper distilled in small batches. Once made it is filtered through lava rocks from the volcanoes of Taal and Mayon.

ARC Gin is made by Full Circle Craft Distillers Co - the first authentic craft distillery in the Philippines. It's a family-owned and operated distillery with a passion to promote the very best of the Philippines.

As always with Full Circle Distillery, they find a way of imbuing each spirit they create with a sense of the island archipelago. Made in the Philippines and uses rocks from on the island of Luzon for their filtration.

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