Baller Vodka

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Baller Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV | England

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If you want to get a vodka brimming with character and attitude, look no further. Baller is a grain to glass London made vodka that's smooth, with fantastic depth. One of the great craft vodkas.

The unfiltered nature of Baller means this is a Vodka loaded with character and texture. Rich mouthfeel, hints of vanilla with a clear biscuit-y cereal tones, finishing on a deliciously fresh savoury note. Unbelievable in a Martini.

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Doghouse Distillery use their micro-brewery to ferment the wheat, followed by a batch distillation process in their 1500 litre copper pot still with three rectification columns (a total height of 21m) that pushes the spirit to 96% ABV.

Owned by husband and wife Braden and Katherine Saunders - given the name of the gin (a person who behaves in a rebelliously unconventional manner) - you'd expect nothing less from the team behind it. Distillers by trade, Rock and Rollers at heart.

Doghouse Distillery is an independent grain distillery located in Battersea, London. Doghouse is a rare beast and one of the very few grain to glass operations in the UK. It’s the only one in London and the first in over 80 years.

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