Bathtub Gin

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Bathtub Gin

70cl | 43.3% ABV | England

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Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin is a distilled then further cold-compounded gin, full of natural botanical colours and textures. Because of the second infusion, it’s super rich and slippery, with a big, fleshy orange flavour and a dusting of warming spice.

Bathtub Gin has a blanket of warm spices, joined by an earthy, warm juniper taste that really anchors the gin and adds a rich depth. Fresh and lively, with a sweet-citrus waxiness, this is one that works well with Indian Tonic and sliced orange.

Key Flavours

"The flagship offering in the Ableforth's range, the simplicity of the flavour profile is its key success. Candied citrus, piny heart, spiced finish - each is timed, ordered and executed with aplomb. Great in cocktails."

About this product

Copper distilled spirit is added into a giant vat along with juniper, orange, cloves, cardamom and a host of other spices. The spirit is left to rest for a period of days, with the Ableforth team periodically tasting it to see when its ready.

Made by the folks at Atom Supplies, the Ableforth range of bathtubs gin take inspiration from the (in)glorious days of the Prohibition era, when folks would make their own gin by infusing juniper into any spirit they could lay hands on.

Once the distilled spirit is brought in The Ableforth’s team steeps botanicals, bottles and wraps all of their bottles down in sunny old Kent. That distilled and infused nature is what gives these gins such depth.

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