Beefeater Strawberry Pink Gin

Beefeater Strawberry Pink Gin

70cl | 37.5% ABV | England

Beefeater Pink holds universal appeal – not only is there a juniper anchor holding the gin in place, there’s a huge, candied sweetness, with boiled sweet strawberry flavours melting all over the tongue. Think pink bubble gum with a faint herbal hit.

Beefeater Pink looks almost exactly how it tastes – sugary sweet, boiled candies, with soft, fleshy fruit flavours and a bright jab of citrus. Steer into it – serve it up with lemonade or tonic, slices of strawberries and a lemon peel twist.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit
"Beefeater Pink's forte is that it has enough of the underlying gin's characteristics to allow it to be a strawberry flavoured gin that can be served with mixers. That backbone really helps come G&T time as it gives the flavours far more depth."

About this product

The core gin is made to a London Dry standard, then joined by lashing of naturally strawberry flavours and a hit of sweetener.

Beefeater is a brand that needs little introduction, having been superstars of the Gin scene for 200 years. The past 50 of those has seen distiller Desmond Payne at the helm, a man so in touch with his gins he can test the quality by nose alone.

Based in London, Beefeater Distillery is an icon in the Gin world and a hub of experimentation and learning. Curious minds can head down to the distillery to take a tour and even learn how to make their own gins.

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