Brooklyn Gin

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Brooklyn Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | U.S.A.

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Brooklyn Gin is very much part of the American new wave Gin scene, with a sweet base made from corn and a great emphasis on citrus flavours. It’s vibrant and moreish, with a great floral lavender kick exploding across the tongue.

This is a deliciously smooth gin with a great hit of citrus (a particular sweetness coming in from the juicy oranges) and long finish from the cocoa nibs. Work really well in a Martini, but we’re also keen on a G&T with a lavender sprig garnish.

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About this product

Though it may embody the coolness of New York, Brooklyn Gin is made 300 bottles at a time at the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery in… Warwick. Same state, different town. The botanicals include kumquat, cacao nibs, Key lime and Eureka lemon.

Brooklyn Spirit was created by Emil Jättne and Joe Santos in 2010. Though they don’t own their own distillery, they are hands on in the production process and have dreams of building their own distillery.

Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery has an amazing selection to its name, not just in gin, but in wine (obviously) and ciders. With a handful of awards under its belt, it’s certainly proved itself as one worth watching.

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