Cardhu 12yo Single Malt

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Cardhu 12yo Single Malt

70cl | 40% ABV | Scotland

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Cardhu 12 Year Old is a mellow single malt with smooth honeyed flavours creating a soft medium bodied whisky. It’s heady on the nose with pear drops and heather, to taste its sweet and fresh with lingering warm smoke on the finish.

The whisky is aged for twelve years in American oak casks.

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Drink it neat or with a splash of water, but Cardhu 12 Year Old Single Malt also makes for a mean Whisky Sour, with the smoky notes really emerging on the finish.

In 1811, John and Helen Cumming lease a farm and illicitly begin small scale distilling. In 1824 they obtain a license and build their distillery operations with their son. When he passes, his mother and sister successfully take over business.

Cardhu distillery is situated high on the hills on the north side of the Spey Valley with delightful views to the south.

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