Clement Rhum Mahina Coco

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Clement Rhum Mahina Coco

70cl | 18% ABV | France

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Rhum Mahina Coco is a sweet, tropical liqueur from the Martinique producers, Clement, who have combined young coconut flesh and Rhum Agricole to stunning effect.

Expect clear aromas of desiccated coconut and confectioner's coconut on the nose. To taste, it's initially very sweet and leads with sugary coconut that envelops the mouth, before the grassy rum notes emerge and add depth.

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Clement Rhum Mahina Coco by infusing young coconut flesh with Rhum Agricole. Sugar is then added to sweeten it into a Liqueur.

Rhum Clement was founded by Homere Clement in 1887. In 1986, it was sold to the Hayot family's who restored much of the distillery to continue the legacy. The Hayot family company GBH, also took over St Lucia Distillers (Chairman's Reserve)

With more than 125 years of tradition, Rhum Clement is produced in Le Francois, Lowland Martinique. It's an iconic producer based in the Martinique, which is the only French Caribbean island to have an AOC appellation for Rhum.

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