Cockspur Rum

Cockspur Rum

70cl | 37.5% ABV | Barbados

Cockspur Rum is a gently aged amber rum from Barbados. If you want to picture the scene - it's aged in a beach-side bond amongst the warm Caribbean sunshine and fresh ocean breezes.

Distinct brown sugar taste develops into a smooth, round, buttery blend that leaves a warm, spicy oak taste on the palate. Try it in a Pina Colada.

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About this product

Made from island cane molasses, both column still and pot still rums are used. Once distilled they are aged in American Oak at the Cockspur facilities in Barbados, and brought to bottling strength with Barbados' own coral filtered water.

Cockspur Rum was founded in 1884, when Valdemar Hanschell created this rum in Barbados, where he commissioned the Stade Brothers at The West Indies Rum Distillery do produce it. It is now owned by Barbados-based distributor Woodland Radicle.

Sitting 100 or so meters above the high water line, West Indies Rum Distillery is clearly visible against the beach for anyone headed to nearby Bridgetown Airport or passing in the cruise liners that dock just along the coast.

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