Colombo No. 7 Gin

Colombo No. 7 Gin

70cl | 43.1% ABV | England

Colombo No.7 is a remarkable spirit that shows the ingenuity of Gin makers far and wide. Based on a Sri Lankan recipe, using ingredients plucked from the country, the gin manages to be styled classically despite a great deal of strange substitutions.

Sweet juniper berries dominate the tongue here, joined by a bright and zesty spice. Tropical yet classical, Colombo No. 7 straddles the divide. We might serve with bay leaf, but really we think this sings nice and bright in a garnish-free G&T.

Key Flavours

"Originally based on a Sri Lankan recipe, Colombo shows just how exotic gin is by its very nature. Ceylon cinnamon, ginger and curry leaves might sound fanciful but they sit so well against traditional ingredients. A contemporary classic worth trying!"

About this product

Colombo No.7 is made by Langley's Distillery, though based upon a recipe crafted many decades ago by brand owner Amal de Silva Wijeyeratne’s grandfather. With curry leaves amongst the roster, it’s one of the most interesting gins out there.

Colombo No.7 Gin is owned by Rockland Distillery in Sri Lanka, a historic distillery founded in 1924 and run by third generation owner Amal de Silva Wijeyeratne since 2005. While they make many tasty spirits there, this gin is made in the UK.

The distillery was built to produce Arrack, but along with many others, a decade or two after it launched it was asked by the British Government to stop what it was doing and begin making spirits for the war effort. Soon after, a new gin was born…

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