Compass Box Delila's XXV Blended Scotch

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Compass Box Delila's XXV Blended Scotch

70cl | 46% ABV | Scotland

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Compass Box Delila's XXV is the second collaboration with the Chicago punk rock whisky bar owner of Delilah's, Mike Miller. Following on from the first collaboration in 2013, the 25th anniversary edition sees the whisky aged for a further five years.

A delicious dram - Compass Box Artist’s Blend is best enjoyed neat, but with the reasonable ABV, a splash of water helps to reveal some of its hidden layers.

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit

About this product

The original American oak-aged whisky with its extra time spent maturing is used as a base for this new edition, alongside Mike’s suggestion of adding malt whisky aged in Spanish Sherry casks, also made of American oak.

Founded in 2000, John Glaser set up a different kind of Scotch whisky company, based on the long-lost model of the Scotch whisky blending house, but with a forward-looking approach and an unrelenting desire to create quality.

Compass Box has an office and Blending Room in London, an office on Great King Street in Edinburgh (he even named a whisky after its location!) and its own stocks of maturing whiskies in Scotland.

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