Crossip Fresh Citrus

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Crossip Fresh Citrus

50cl | 0% ABV | England

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Crossip Fresh is the non-alcoholic alternative to your perfect fruit punch. A handy drink to have in the cabinet whether you’re looking to recreate a non-alcoholic cosmopolitan or simply enjoy a refreshing highball.

Fresh has an array of  fruity flavours. The opening combination of pink grapefruit and orange is a bold start. The body develops with the citrus of lemon and eucalyptus. Top with Tonic and a lemon slice.

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About this product

All three of the Crossip signature flavours contain a core base of eucalyptus, ginger, cayenne, gentian and glycerine. Its bright orange colouring is all-natural from orange, grapefruit and lemon juice.

Crossip was founded by Carl Anthony Brown, a London based bartender and TV mixologist. The range is inspired by his love for cocktails, his passion for fitness and support for mental health issues.

Crossip is made in the brand's own production space in Bishops Stortford, equipped with custom made solutions and unique methods developed to extract flavours and harmonise their flavours.

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