Don Q Cristal Rum

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Don Q Cristal Rum

70cl | 40% ABV | Puerto Rico

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Don Q Cristal Rum is distilled multiple times, producing a clean, much lighter and more delicate flavour profile than many other clear rums.

Don Q Cristal Rum is a particularly light style of rum (nearly neutral) with tropical fruit notes and can be used instead of vodka in a variety of cocktails. Try it in Mule with a wedge of lime.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits
Dried Fruit

About this product

Don Q Cristal Rum undergoes multiple distillation through in a continuous still before being aged for over one and a half years in American White Oak barrels. It is then filtered.

Don Juan Serralles expanded his family sugar cane business and founded the Serralles rum making tradition in 1865 using a copper pot still he imported from France on the estate 'Hacienda Mercedita'. The Don Q brand was launched in 1932.

As well as the distillery, Don Juan Serralles also founded the nearby town of Mercedita, named after his wife Mercedes. Don Q is a Puerto Rican rum, distilled, manufactured, bottled, and distributed by Destilería Serrallés.

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Sam Lawson, Owner, Rum Runners Co.
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