Espolòn Reposado Tequila

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Espolòn Reposado Tequila

70cl | 40% ABV | Mexico

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'Reposado' means 'Rested' in Spanish and Espolon Reposado Tequila is a fantastic iteration of this tequila genre. The label definitely needs a closer look too - with fantastically detailed illustrations.

Espolon Reposado Tequila starts off life as Blanco. It’s then rested in lightly charred, new American oak barrels to create a more complex and well-rounded character.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

Espolon Reposado Tequila is quite a bold, medium to full bodied offering with a rich roasted agave; sweet tropical fruit, vanilla and brown spices. Delicious in a ‘Mexican Mule’ with lime juice and ginger beer.

First launched in 1998, Espolon is owned by Campari America. Master Distiller Cirilo Oropeza spent decades learning both the science of distillation and the art of Tequila making. His passion for it resulted in a Tequila of great quality.

Destiladora San Nicolas is located in Jalisco, among the plantations of the Los Altos (Highlands). Each label tells also tells story from Mexico’s rich history, each capturing a different moment.

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