Fernet Branca

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Fernet Branca

70cl | 39% ABV | Italy

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Fernet-Branca is one of the best known Italian bitters. For many it is the only Fernet (a style of Amaro that originated in Italy) they have ever come across. Given the quality, it might be the only one you'd ever need to though - it's delicious!

Bittersweet, herbal and very intense, Fernet-Branca is often consumed neat as a digestif, but essential for the like of a Hanky Panky cocktail.

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Fernet Branca is made from 27 herbs and other ingredients and while the recipe is secret, it's known to include rhubarb, bitter aloe, cinchona, bitter orange, quinine and angelica in the mix. Once made it's aged in a barrel for a full year.

Fernet-Branca was formulated in Milan in 1845 by self-taught herbalist Bernardino Branca. It passed onto his son, Stefano, and when he died in the late 19th century, his wife Maria Scala Branca took the reins and set the foundations for their future.

Fratelli Branca's home is a distillery based in Milan, Italy that was founded in 1845. 1941, Fratelli Branca opened its first and only production plant outside Italy in Argentina. In 2001, the company purchased the rights to produce Punt e Mes.

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