Fishers Gin
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Fishers Gin

70cl | 44% ABV | England

Fishers Gin is a coastal spirit with a wild heart. First created with the help of a talented botanist and packed with English seaside botanicals, this is a beautiful offering that carries a strong sense of salty sea air.

Rich and herbaceous, Fishers Gin is a medicinal treat with a real English seaside feel. It’s completely unique – a world away from anything you’ve tried before. It makes for a top Dirty Martini, but it’s also great in a G&T with lemon peel.

Key Flavours

"Spignel adds a menthol like note, rock samphire a citrus come saline edge, wild angelica and wild fennel huge depth to the finish and all in all -Fishers remains one of the most unique and distinct British gins. Perfection in a Red Snapper too."

About this product

Botanist Firth walked the Suffolk Coast to find the recipe for Fishers Gin, munching his way through plan life as he sought the recipe. Botanicals in the lineup include spignel, rock samphire, wild angelica and wild fennel.

Fishers Gin is the brainchild of Andrew Heald, a drink industry vet and Suffolk-raised boy who wanted to create a gin evocative of the flavours of his local coast.

Fishers Gin is made at its own distillery on the beach in Armanagh, having previously been distilled over at Adnam's. This new distillery is the final link to further connect the gin with a coast it's already so rooted to.

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