Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon

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Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon

70cl | 45% ABV | U.S.A.

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Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon is balanced due to the expert selection of four original recipes that have been blended at peak maturation.

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon has created an expression with a well-rounded fruity and spicy mix, giving a wonderfully smooth finish. Best served neat or with a splash of water.

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit

About this product

The distillery uses five yeast strains and two mash bills to create 10 different spirits. All 10 are blended in its Four Roses bourbon bottling, while the Small Batch release contains four of the combinations.

Retired Master Distiller Jim Rutledge originally led the creation of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbons. In 2015, Master Distiller Brent Elliott, who worked with Jim for 10 years, took over the reins to ensure this expression maintains its quality.

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon is produced in Kentucky, in the USA - with operations in Lawrenceburg and a warehouse facility in Cox’s Creek.

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