Gin 77

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Gin 77

70cl | 40% ABV | England

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Versatile gin for those looking for a trusty cabinet essential - great across cocktails but with the prominent citrus and big juniper it sings in a Negroni.

Classic profile of punchy citrus upfront leading to clear resinous juniper and an earthy, peppery finish. Pair with Indian tonic and fresh pink grapefruit for the perfect serve.

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About this product

Fresh grapefruit zest, root ginger and pink peppercorns join other classic botanicals. They are distilled with NGS in a copper pot to a Single Shot, London Dry method.

Bristol Distilling Co was re-launched by Jake Black (a restaurateur behind the burger joint Chomp) and his colleague from the restaurant, Emily Astley-Coope.

The gin's name (number) is a nod to the fact that for 77 years Bristol was without a Bristol Distilling Company. In 1863, Joseph C Board had incorporated the distilling operation on Cheese Lane in the centre of the city under that name.

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