Hotel Starlino Elderflower Aperitivo

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Hotel Starlino Elderflower Aperitivo

75cl | 17% ABV | Italy

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A floral treat from the Hotel Starlino team! Their Elderflower Aperitivo is infused with elderflower, citrus peel, herbs and spices giving it a rich flavour perfect for spritzes.

Fresh and only slightly floral in taste rather than a full blown elderflower liqueur - expect fruity notes of pear and lychee balanced with the sweetness of elderflower, elderberries and citrus peels.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit

About this product

Hotel Starlino Elderflower Aperitivo is a liqueur made from an infusion of elderflower, citrus peel, herbs and spices, combined with a wine and spirit base.

Starlino is the creation of American drinks mavens Biggar & Leith, who enlisted Denis Muni and Beppe Ronco to create their recipe - both of who have worked at Torino Distillati for over 20 years and are natives of the Piedmont Region

Although Hotel Starlino is a fictional place, Torino Distillati is located just outside of Turin (in the heartlands of Italian Vermouth) and have a reputation for producing some of the most consistently high quality aperitifs.

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