Ki No Bi Gin

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Ki No Bi Gin

70cl | 45.7% ABV | Japan

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Filled with such a brilliantly executed flavour journey featuring native ingredients - when Japan’s Ki No Bi launched back in 2016, it was destined to be Gin's next global superstar.

Ki No Bi Gin has a great, oily juniper beginning, but yuzu quickly steps in to send the gin spiralling, followed by a briny sansho and light tea. It’s perfect in a bone dry Martini – sip it and let the flavours of the world unfurl.

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Botanicals in Ki No Bi Gin include juniper, hinoki, yuzu, sansho, kinome, tea and ginger. Six separate recipes are distilled separately, after a full night of maceration in a rice based spirit.

Ki No Bi Gin is made at Kyoto Distillery, which was established by long-serving drinks PR Marcin Muller and his business partner David Croll, along with Suntory’s former chief blender Mas Onishi and distiller Alex Davies.

Kyoto Distillery bring a craft lead approach usually only reserved for the country's Whisky. Their use of local botanicals, rice. Base spirit and their carefully refined aesthetic set a new standard for Japanese Gin.

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