Malfy Gin Con Arancia
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Malfy Gin Con Arancia

70cl | 41% ABV | Italy

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Malfy Con Arancia is a vibrant, waxy spirit packed with Sicilian blood oranges. So sweet and juicy you can almost feel the flesh beneath your fingers, this is a Fruit Gin with a compulsive quality.

A gin like no other, Malfy Con Arancia is a sweet, gloopy treat with an undeniable moreishness. Try it in a big, fish bowl glass with lemon tonic and a rosemary garnish.

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About this product

Lemon and grapefruit peel strike a note through the heart of the underlying gin, which means that citrus is a bold presence before you even get to the rich, succulent bloody orange infusion.

Malfy Gin is the work of Carlo Vergano, his wife Piero and his daughter, Rita, a tiny team with big ideas who were originally contracted to make the gin by NYC based Biggar & Leith. Malfy is now owned by Pernod Ricard.

Malfy Gin is distilled at Torino Distillati, a historic distillery based on the outskirts of Turin. The distillery was established in 1906 by Fratelli Fererro di Riccardo and taken over by Seagrams in the ‘60s before Vergano got his hands on it.

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Olivier Ward, Editor, Spirits Beacon
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