Monkey 47 Dry Gin

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Monkey 47 Dry Gin

50cl | 47% ABV | Germany

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Created by Alexander Stein in 2006, Monkey 47 Gin is a name that has travelled the world. While there are dozens of botanicals, there’s an obvious lime-like note to start, followed by lingonberry, juniper and sweet woodruff leading to subtle pepper.

Use Indian Tonic and either a sprig of lavender to bring out the floral qualities, or a handful of cranberries to highlight that sour, juicy heart. Try it in a Marini with a lemon zest, and if making a Negroni, opt for a lighter style of vermouth.

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With so many botanicals included, it’s a complex process to make Monkey 47. They use a combination of steeping, pot and vapour, some fresher ingredients, some dried ones and a series of stills all in full swing to make enough liquid to meet demand.

Monkey 47 was bought by Pernod Ricard a few years ago, who thankfully decided to do the best thing possible for such a disruptive, much-loved and dynamic offering – just let them crack on doing what they’ve always done!

Made in the Black Forest in Germany, the distillery set-up is one of the most impressive in Germany. The gin they make is about more than just reflecting their location though, with an international mindset the intent from the very start.

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