Mr Katz's Rock and Rye

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Mr Katz's Rock and Rye

70cl | 32.5% ABV | U.S.A.

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An American classic, authentic Rock & Rye could once be found on the back bar of most noteworthy establishments. Since prohibition though, it's demise has almost been complete… until this. Serve on the rocks.

Brandied cherries and anise are clear on the nose, accompanied by rye bread and a tinge of orange. The citrus is bigger to taste, with cherries and Rye Whiskey adding their weight.

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About this product

Mister Katz's Rock & Rye combines youthful Rye Whiskey with rock candy sugar, sour cherries, cinnamon and a touch of citrus.

New York Distilling Company was founded by drinks veteran and renown educator Allen Katz, along with Brooklyn Brewery co-founder Tom Potter and Head Distiller Bill Potter.

New York Distilling Company has an amazing collection of spirits to its names, including a handful of gins and whiskies. It is also home to an amazing Brooklyn bar, The Shanty. A must visit.

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