New London Light 'Midnight Sun'

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New London Light 'Midnight Sun'

70cl | 0% ABV | England

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NLL ‘Midnight Sun’ takes inspiration from the wild Nordic regions where daylight ventures through the night. It combines hand-picked seaberries and elderberries with kelp and pine to give a new perspective on complex flavour combinations.

A delicate combination of floral elderflower and herbaceous pine on the nose. The berry flavours build to taste to a backdrop of kelp and samphire. The finish lingers with the drying sensations of sage, pine and kelp.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit

About this product

7 botanicals inc elderberries, kelp and samphire are steeped in NGS. They're distilled in a vacuum still to remove the alcohol. The distillate is then blended with a further 7 flavours inc lingonberries and pine and stabilised with kombucha.

Made by the team at Salcombe Distillery, New London Light is a collection of contemporary non-alcoholic aperitifs. Their aim is to create innovative flavour combinations for drinkers who want complex alcohol free options packed with originality.

Based in South Devon, the beautiful distillery and bar is nestled in Island Street, the traditional boat building quarter of Salcombe. They reflect this provenance by using maritime inspiration to form the ideas throughout their recipes.

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