Ocho Reposado Tequila
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Ocho Reposado Tequila

50cl | 40% ABV | Mexico

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Ocho Reposado is a fantastic choice for the tequila lovers - the single estate nature of the spirit gives you a chance to explore the idea of terroir and vintage, while the short time in oak adds complexity to a lively and fresh agave profile.

Made with 100% Blue Agave (the precise field is marked on the neck of the bottle), once distilled this Reposado is aged in ex-American Whiskey barrels for 8 weeks and 8 days. 

Key Flavours

"Tequila Ocho aims to retain as much agave flavour as possible in their aged expressions. Note the light colour in Ocho’s aged expressions: this is natural colour from the barrel – Ocho is one of the few 100% additive-free tequilas in the market."

About this product

Less oaky than some Reposados, instead, favouring the a more pronounced agave lead - Ocho' Reposado is perfect on the rocks where soft vanilla, vegetal cooked agave and a warming finish are all evident to taste.

Tequila Ocho is a joint partnership between the Camarenas, a third generation Tequilero and Tomas Estes, a restaurateur (Cafe Pacifico, La Perla), author (The Tequila Ambassador) and the ambassador for tequila in Europe.

Ocho demonstrates that “terroir” exists in agave and pioneered the 'single estate' concept, showing how each is unique. They were one of the first to designate both the year it was produced and the precise field from which the agave was harvested.

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Jesse Estes, Ambassador, Tequila Ocho
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