Picaflor Mezcal Wild

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Picaflor Mezcal Wild

70cl | 48% ABV | Mexico

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Named after the hummingbird, Picaflor Mezcal Wild captures a sense of the wild. Funky herbal notes, smokey and earthy - one to sip on.

Herbal and earthy with aromas of dried thyme and rosemary. To taste, ripe melon rind and an intense minerality alongside the herbal, earthy notes. The sweet, smoky and juicy cooked agave takes over on the finish.

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About this product

An ensemble of Espadín and Madrecuishe have been cooked in traditional stone pits, fermented and double distilled in copper pot stills.

Picaflor Mezcal is a project from Enmezcalarte, a group of Mexican importers. The group started the Picaflor project and brand to import products from small distillers from Oaxaca, for sale and distribution in Europe.

Don Ramón Cruz García produces around 3500 litres of Picaflor Wild from 80% Espadín and 20% wild Madrecuishe in Mengolí de Morelos near Miahuatlán, Oaxaca.

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