Scratch Faithful British Rum

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Scratch Faithful British Rum

70cl | 42% ABV | Great Britain

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A white rum that showcases their distilling prowess - Scratch Faithful British Rum is a purist's dream. Their process and attention to detail are on full display in an impressively rich and characterful flavour profile.

Brown sugar and vanilla combine with cinnamon on the nose. To taste the fruity molasses-based esters build alongside ginger before a crescendo of baking spice takes over the finish. Great in a Mojito.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

A long, slow molasses ferment develops a complex flavour profile. This wash is then then double distilled in a pot still and the hearts cut taken, diluted with natural water and bottled.

Independently owned Scratch Spirits is the brainchild of founder Doug Miller, who opened the distillery in 2016 and spent two years experimenting with different recipes before releasing the first bottle.

Scratch distillery is set in an old stable block that sits amid the rolling hills and countryside of rural Hertfordshire. They are rum specialists who make everything in-house (thus from Scratch) working off a 500 litre production pot still.

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