Shipwreck Single Cask Brandy

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Shipwreck Single Cask Brandy

50cl | 43% ABV | Great Britain

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In 2007 en-route to South Africa, the MSC Napoli was beached off Devon. Its cargo included new, empty Allier oak barrels. Now re-homed, they are used to create single cask brandies with a sophisticated finish.

Shipwreck is a complex Cider Brandy with a distinctive smoky taste of oak that combines with the fruity apples. Incredible in an Old Fashioned, it suits having a little dilution to open up the concentrated, dense nature of the profile.

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Shipwreck Single Cask Brandy is matured in old and finely grained Allier oak barrels.

For thirty years Julian Temperley has been reviving the ancient art of Cider Brandy production in the UK. In 1989, his pioneering spirit led to HM customs granting the UK’s first ever full cider distilling license.

The Somerset Cider Brandy distillery sits within 180 acres of orchards at the base of Burrow Hill, Somerset. The farm has been pressing cider there for over 200 years. Each bottle can be traced back to its source orchard.

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