Shortcross Rosie's Garden Pink Gin

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Shortcross Rosie's Garden Pink Gin

50cl | 42.5% ABV | Northern Ireland

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The first pink expression from Shortcross Gin, made with no added sugar or other additives and featuring strawberries, raspberries, lavender and chamomile, while remaining juniper-led. Delicious!

The gin lets you know it is there, and is clear on the nose (earthy) and to taste (piny). Fresh summer berries soon take over, with a floral bouquet becoming more apparent as you go. Garnish with a mint sprig.

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About this product

Some botanicals are steeped and distilled with the spirit, others (such as lavender and chamomile) are in the vapour chamber. The gin is then infused with fruits. No sugar is added.

Shortcross was founded by Fiona and David Boyd-Armstrong, a husband and wife team who set out to create a gin with a vision of re-defining what an Irish gin should and could be.

Founded in 2012, Rademon Estate Distillery is nestled within the heart of the historic 500-acre estate in Co. Down, just outside of Belfast. Sortcross was the first craft gin in this new era to be distilled in Northern Ireland.

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