Staibano Limoncello d'Amalfi

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Staibano Limoncello d'Amalfi

70cl | 25% ABV | Italy

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A light, crisp limoncello from Staibano, made with fresh Amalfi lemons. Sweet, citrussy and zesty, it's exactly what you hope it to be.

A light mouthfeel brimming with big zesty lemon flavours. It's fresh and only lightly sweetened taste zings of lemons while hints of almond push through on the finish. Great in a Spritz.

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About this product

Staibano Limoncello involves the maceration of I.G.P. certified Amalfi Lemons, in fine neutral spirit with water and sugar. The I.G.P. stamp which guarantees each lemon rind used is of Amalfi Lemons.

Staibiano is named after Don Vincenzo Staibano, a stylish and charismatic playboy from Amalfi. As well as tending to his lemon groves, he created liqueurs from 1930s & 50's. His great-grandson brought his distilling legacy back to life in 2020.

Staibiano is a reflection of the Amalfi coast. The Lemons used across the range are from the region and they are one of the few brands to have IGP certification (protected status policed by the Consorzio di Tutela del Limone Costa d’Amalfi I.G.P.)

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