Storywood Speyside 7 Tequila

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Storywood Speyside 7 Tequila

70cl | 40% ABV | Mexico

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Born in Mexico and raised over 7 months in Scottish Speyside whisky barrels, it’s a tantalizingly two-sided tequila. Caramel, subtle oak, with hints of vanilla and honey on an earthy, lowland agave base, this is the best of both worlds.

Big notes of caramel, oak, vanilla and honey are all layered on an earthy agave base. Serve it with ginger beer, or Coca Cola in a tall glass with ice and a lime wedge!

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Storywood harvests 10 year-old mature 100% blue weber agave from the lowland region of Jalisco and once cooked, fermented and distilled in stainless steel still, is shipped to Scotland and aged for 7 months in Scotch Speyside whisky barrels.

Storywood was founded by Michael Ballantyne, a Scottish chef come former Oil & Gas industry employee and whisky lover. He works in collaboration with Master Distiller Luis Trejo who makes the Tequila at his distillery La Cofradia, Mexico.

Storywood is a deliberate hybrid between the worlds of Scotland and Mexico. It's not just about using different barrels to usual Reposados, it taps into the Scottish love for savouring aged spirits, not automatically thinking tequila = shot glass.

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