42 Below Vodka

42 Below Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV | New Zealand

42 Below is a New Zealand made vodka derived from wheat grown in some of the purist fields in the world, and water from a volcanic spring.

Clean, crisp overall and on the more neutral side of plain vodka, with a black pepper heat on the finish. Great for a Vodka soda or Bloody Mary.

Key Flavours


About this product

Although initially made in a small pot still, 42 Below is now (and has been for a while) distilled from GM-free wheat, using a four column distillation process.

Justine Troy and Geoff Ross started 42 Below Vodka from their garage in the late 90's, and following a controversial start including adverts labelled racist, sexist and politically incorrect, it became part of the Bacardi range.

The vodka is one of New Zealand's best known spirituous exports. It's name announces its provenance - the latitude of 42 degrees below the equator.

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