Reyka Small Batch Vodka

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Reyka Small Batch Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV | Iceland

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Reyka is an Icelandic vodka, distilled from wheat and barley. Launched in 2005 it uses the purest glacial water and volcanic lava rock to filter the vodka. A delicious, smooth vodka.

Creamy and a light peppery note on the nose. Sweetness emerges with subtle herbal notes and a spiced cereal finish. Incredibly versatile, easy sipping vodka, great for using in any cocktail.

Key Flavours

Crisp & Clean

About this product

Reyka is distilled from a blend of wheat and barley which are rectified on a unique Carter Head still. Once distilled it is filtered through lava rock. Each distillation takes about 6 hours and makes less than 2500L at a time.

Reyka's master distiller, Þórður Sigurðsson, is technically also the local fireman and policeman! The brand was developed and owned by William Grant & Sons, the makers behind Hendrick's and Glenfiddich.

Reyka is distilled in Borgarnes Iceland, a coastal village surrounded by rich natural resources. It's also made using glacial water, lava rocks to filter and distilled using sustainable energy from geothermal heat - truly Icelandic!

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