Amazzoni Rio Negro Gin

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Amazzoni Rio Negro Gin

70cl | 51% ABV | Brazil

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A more daring, solid and complex London Dry from Amazzoni and one for those who like a more pronounced juniper and coriander seed core. Great in a Negroni.

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A bigger dose of juniper and coriander compared to their London Dry, but lemon and orange are still present. Dry and bitter cacao builds around on the finish.

Individual cold-pressed botanical infusions are blended into the pot, with further lemon peel, juniper and coriander seed added directly into the still. Critically. two ingredients were removed (maxixe and cipó cravo) from the classical Amázzoni ...

Amazzoni was Co-founded by friends Alexandre Mazza (now their head distiller), Tato Giovannoni and Arturo Isola in 2016. The project grew out of a love of the spirit and a desire to create an authentically Brazilian interpretation of it.

Located in the Paraíba Valley, Rio de Janeiro State, Amazzoni distillery is set amid rivers and imperial palm trees in a reconverted a 300-year-old fazenda (estate) that once had a rich history as a coffee plantation and cachaça distillery.

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