Antica Classic Sambuca

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Antica Classic Sambuca

70cl | 38% ABV | Italy

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A classic Sambuca, where the star of the show - literally - is the Star Anise. Rich in anethole oil and lightly sweetened - this sambuca has a distinctive and memorable flavour.

Expect a pleasant sugary anise aroma, while to taste the velvety mouthfeel brings intense anise. Sweet but smooth finish.

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Antica Sambuca is made by distilling star anise alongside wormwood, cinnamon, fennel, white pepper, iris, bitter and sweet orange, coriander and rose with Neutral Spirit obtained from Sugar Beet Molasses. Sucrose is added after distillation.

Rossi D’Asiago distillery was first founded in 1868. Today it is a family business where Francesco Dal Toso is flanked by his children Nicola and Patrizia, kept active between production, sales activities and marketing.

Antica Sambuca is produced to a traditional recipe in the sambuca heartland of Italy - the valley between Dolomites Mountains and Venice.

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